Welcome to Ming-De International School Toowoomba Inc, a nurturing, values-driven institution that strives to create global citizens with an appreciation of diverse cultures and intellectual curiosity. Ming-De focuses on providing a holistic educational experience for its students, incorporating a strong academic foundation, ethical development, and life skills training. At the heart of the school lies its philosophy and aims, designed to empower students to discover their unique strengths, interests, and passions. When you join the Ming-De community, you become part of a tight-knit network of committed educators and staff who cherish the opportunity to shape young lives in a compassionate, culturally-sensitive learning environment. The school acknowledges the importance of collaboration among faculty, parents, and students, working together to foster a love of lifelong learning in a balanced and harmonious atmosphere. As a Ming-De International School team member, you will be contributing to an institution that holds a genuine belief in the transformative power of education, with a keen focus on inspiring each student to reach their full potential. If you share this passion and enthusiasm, Ming-De International School Toowoomba Inc eagerly awaits your unique contribution to this remarkable and ever-evolving learning institution.