Move Foundation Ltd is a values-driven not-for-profit organisation that strongly believes in uplifting the lives of the people residing in Zambia's Western Province. They focus on developing short- and long-term humanitarian projects that provide essential skills and expertise to benefit the local community. The foundation's aim is to increase the quality of life for those in need and provide life support where it's needed the most. By joining Move Foundation, you will have the incredible opportunity to contribute positively towards the lives of those in Zambia. Whether you are a laborer, nurse, engineer, or childcare worker, your everyday skills can make a massive difference in this part of the world. Some of their past achievements include installing a water well servicing over 300 people daily and providing water supply systems to local schools and medical centers. Move Foundation is a non-for-profit, areligious, and apolitical organisation, committed to connecting people and empowering them with the resources, knowledge, and skills to overcome their challenges. By working for this remarkable foundation, you will play a crucial role in providing essential support and transforming the lives of countless individuals.