Madalyn Children's Foundation

At the Madalyn Children's Foundation, their compassionate and dedicated team envisions a world where every child has access to life-saving medical treatments. As a vital part of the nonprofit sector in Australia, they work tirelessly to provide financial aid for children and families in need, ensuring that these vulnerable youngsters have the resources they need to live healthy lives. Working for the Madalyn Children's Foundation means joining a community that genuinely cares about transforming outcomes for children facing serious medical challenges, such as the inspiring story of Keera Pittorino who received life-changing surgery in the USA, thanks to the organisation's efforts. The foundation offers numerous ways to get involved, from advocacy and volunteering to donating funds and corporate sponsorships. In addition to their significant charitable work, the organisation is known for their unique Batmobile Tumbler project that brings joy to children and adults alike by connecting them with the iconic Batman character. By joining the Madalyn Children's Foundation, employees can be a part of a passionate-driven team that creates real impact and leaves a lasting legacy of hope and health for children in Australia.