Maldon Neighbourhood Centre Inc

Maldon Neighbourhood Centre Inc, a not-for-profit organisation, has been inspiring community engagement and fostering a sense of belonging since 1986. With a mission to bring people together, this Centre offers a wide range of activities and opportunities that cater to different interests and needs. The organisation's welcoming and friendly environment makes it a perfect place for individuals to create, play, and learn. From lifelong learning programs, health and well-being initiatives, and diverse community activities, Maldon Neighbourhood Centre strives to be an inclusive and vibrant hub where everyone feels at home. In addition, the Centre holds a monthly Maldon Market, showcasing the best of local craftsmanship and produce, reflecting their commitment to support local talents and sustainability. With a lovely child-friendly outdoor space, meeting area, classroom, and community garden open to all, this Centre provides an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for a fulfilling job in a values-driven organisation. Working at Maldon Neighbourhood Centre offers the chance to be a part of a passionate team that truly makes a difference in the community. If you believe in creating a more connected, inclusive, and supportive world, this is the place for you. Be inspired and make a difference — join Maldon Neighbourhood Centre Inc today!