Mandurah Surf Lifesaving Club (Inc)

Mandurah Surf Lifesaving Club (Inc) is a non-profit organisation that holds a strong commitment to providing the Peel community with inclusive participation, training, education, and development opportunities in surf lifesaving. Their mission is to promote a positive family environment that fosters pride, confidence, and social well-being. As a Level 3 Good Sports Club, Mandurah Surf Lifesaving Club takes pride in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of beachgoers across the region, from Madora Bay through to Halls Head. From the Woodside Nippers program, which teaches children how to have fun at the beach and keep safe in the surf, to the Starfish Nippers program designed for children and young adults with disabilities, there's a place for everyone under Mandurah's guiding light. Joining the team means being part of a vibrant community that strives for excellence in surf sports and values the growth and development of its youth members. Working at Mandurah Surf Lifesaving Club presents an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on people's lives while enjoying a dynamic and supportive environment. Be inspired to contribute to the noble cause of saving lives and building great communities with Mandurah Surf Lifesaving Club.