Margaret River Independent School

Welcome to Margaret River Independent School (MRIS), a unique organisation that provides a quality learning environment for children, emphasizing their strengths, self-esteem, and self-motivation. At MRIS, students build academic, social, emotional, and personal skills that will accompany them on their life journey. The school's nurturing and inclusive approach promotes shared learning and empowers families, staff, and the community to support each child to reach their full potential. The stunning natural environment that surrounds MRIS complements its robust curriculum, fostering creativity, curiosity, and respect for the environment. A career at Margaret River Independent School means joining a community of passionate educators dedicated to providing stimulating education with a focus on holistic, child-centered education. Their mission is to cultivate well-rounded individuals who appreciate the world in which they live and are prepared to meet the challenges of the future with confidence and determination. Get ready to embark on a fulfilling career at Margaret River Independent School, an organisation that values nurturing the whole child and fosters strong community connections. Become part of the team shaping the future leaders, innovators, and humanitarians of tomorrow.