Mary Martin Fund

The Mary Martin Fund is a passionate non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting Adivasi families in Kotagiri, India. Established in memory of Mary Martin, the charity has been devoted to empowering the indigenous peoples of the Nilgiri Hills through funded social services, building a brighter future for them and their community. By joining the Mary Martin Fund team, you'll become part of a compassionate, value-driven organisation that truly cares about making a positive impact on the lives of the vulnerable and marginalized Adivasi families. Rooted in a deep sense of social responsibility, the organisation reflects Mary Martin's left-leaning political sentiment, and her strong involvement with the Unitarian Church. With its origins in Adelaide, Australia, the Mary Martin Fund serves as a beacon of hope for the Adivasi of India, standing up for their rights and welfare to ensure their rich cultural heritage is sustained and respected. If you're an individual with a heart for social justice and a desire to make a real difference, the Mary Martin Fund is the perfect opportunity to fulfill your mission. Be inspired by Mary's legacy and help continue her vital work in uplifting the Adivasi community in Kotagiri, India.