Matrix Guild Of Victoria Inc

Matrix Guild of Victoria Inc is a non-profit organisation founded in 1992 by a group of passionate lesbian feminists dedicated to uplifting and supporting the lives of lesbians aged forty years and older. As a vital voice for this community, Matrix Guild focuses on promoting appropriate care and support for older lesbians, challenging ageism, and providing affordable accommodation in Victoria for those who are financially disadvantaged. Working with Matrix Guild presents an opportunity to be part of a truly mission-driven organisation that not only aims to end discrimination but actively raises awareness of the health, housing, and care needs of older lesbians. As the organisation values its donors' support, it maintains Deductible Gift Recipient status, ensuring all donations are tax deductible. Matrix Guild has a history of writing submissions for government inquiries and producing papers on various aspects of the lived experiences of older lesbians, making it a dynamic and inspiring organisation to work for. Join the dedicated volunteers at Matrix Guild in their fight to create a more inclusive and caring society for older lesbians in Victoria.