Melbourne Steam Traction Engine Club Incorporated

Melbourne Steam Traction Engine Club Incorporated (MSTEC) is a passionate non-profit organisation dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich history of our industrial, agricultural, and maritime mechanical heritage. Driven by a team of talented and enthusiastic volunteers, MSTEC brings to life the bygone era of steam engines, providing an inspiring and educational glimpse into the technologies and skills that have faded from the modern world. At MSTEC, every weekend brings a new opportunity for visitors to experience working exhibits, restored engines, and miniature railway train rides, making it a fascinating destination for all ages. With over 800 exhibits to explore, including mobile steam engines, diesel engines, earth-moving machinery, tractors, military tanks, and a vintage workshop, the club's philosophy is centered around showcasing these historical marvels in action. By joining the dedicated team at Melbourne Steam Traction Engine Club, you'll not only have the opportunity to work alongside skilled restorers and keep these incredible engines running, but you'll also play a vital role in preserving and sharing our shared mechanical heritage for generations to come. Discover the rewarding world of restoration, education, and inspiration at MSTEC and be part of a community that truly values and cherishes our history.