Mindful Makings Inc

Welcome to Mindful Makings Inc., a values-driven not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting mindfulness and overall wellbeing through engaging and accessible art and activity-based workshops. With a genuine commitment to facilitating positive change, growth, and self-discovery, Mindful Makings provides unique opportunities for individuals to connect with their inner selves and others. Driven by its passionate belief in the transformative power of mindfulness, Mindful Makings aims to rid people of self-criticism and toxic actions, empowering them to become the most alive, well, and authentic versions of themselves. Whether it be within everyday activities such as cooking or cleaning, or more immersive experiences offered through their captivating workshops, Mindful Makings strives to create an inclusive, supportive environment that inspires people to embrace mindful living. By joining the Mindful Makings team, you will not only be working alongside like-minded, compassionate individuals but will also play a pivotal role in fostering meaningful connections and lasting positive impacts within the community. If you're ready to devote your professional talents and passion to a truly rewarding cause, look no further than Mindful Makings Inc. – embark on this enriching journey with us and inspire a mindful revolution!