Muslim Legal Network Inc.

Muslim Legal Network Inc. (MLN) is a highly respected and dedicated organisation, aiming to address the Australian Muslim community's increasing legal needs. Established in 2008 by a group of fervent lawyers and law students, MLN stands as a professional association for Australian Muslim legal practitioners and law students, offering a vast array of services and opportunities. Joining the MLN team means becoming a part of an organisation that aspires to promote a sense of unity, inclusiveness, and camaraderie. With various networking opportunities, mentoring programmes, community legal education workshops, and legal referral services, you will contribute to making a significant impact on countless lives. Furthermore, MLN is deeply involved in law reform submissions and offers a range of internship and volunteering opportunities. By dedicating your time and skills towards MLN, you will not only enhance your professional development but also play an essential role in empowering and uplifting the Australian Muslim Community. Become a member of the MLN today and join an organisation that truly believes in the importance of community engagement, legal support, and social justice for a better tomorrow.