New England Hacc Development Incorporated

New England Hacc Development Incorporated (NESST) is a values-driven nonprofit organisation that has been committed to building the capacity of local communities and organisations for over 20 years. They work to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals by promoting inclusion, leadership, sustainability, and efficiency in service provisions. At NESST, employees have the unique opportunity to contribute towards meaningful change while joining a team of passionate professionals dedicated to making a difference. Working at NESST means playing an integral role in supporting projects and organisations that cater to the needs of the Aboriginal community. NESST provides a wide range of services including training, service planning, policy development, networking, problem-solving, and capacity development while always seeking out culturally appropriate and innovative solutions. If you're looking for a career that empowers you to make a lasting impact in the community and work alongside individuals who value diversity and mutual respect, then NESST is the perfect place for you. Gain invaluable experience and witness firsthand how your efforts help transform lives and create positive change for vulnerable people in New England.