Newhaven College Pty. Ltd.

Welcome to Newhaven College Pty. Ltd., an institution committed to fostering a nurturing academic environment that emphasizes the importance of mutual respect and collaboration between teachers and students. Our Vision and Values are built on helping students develop a strong sense of self-esteem and community belonging, equipping them with the traits needed to be exemplary citizens and confident contributors in their chosen fields. At Newhaven College, we cater to the individual needs of our students, ensuring that they are well-supported through various enriching programs, such as our dynamic curriculum, music and visual art offerings, and numerous sports and equestrian opportunities. Additionally, students are encouraged to grow as leaders through our student leadership, camps, and excursions, and they also have access to a comprehensive support system that includes enrichment resources and a campus library. Look forward to joining the diverse and talented Newhaven College community, where creativity, innovation, and personal growth are embraced every single day. If you believe in the transformational power of a values-driven education and wish to inspire and impact the lives of future generations, Newhaven College is the perfect NFP opportunity for you!