Noosa Biosphere Reserve Trust

Noosa Biosphere Reserve Trust is an inspiring organisation dedicated to celebrating community and environment. With a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status since 2007, it showcases the Noosa community's efforts to manage the region's land, waters, and wildlife sustainably, maintaining harmony with its urban population and global visitors. As part of a global network of over 700 biosphere reserves, Noosa Biosphere Reserve Trust is committed to working towards the global sustainability goals of the Man and the Biosphere Program and Lima Action Plan. From koala conservation to Glossy Black-Cockatoo preservation, the Trust supports transformational projects that protect biodiversity and enhance the Noosa Biosphere Reserve experience. By partnering with research institutes, conservation groups, and the community, the Trust upholds its world-class reputation as environmental protection remains at the core of the Noosa community's prosperity and success. By joining the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Trust, you can help grow seed-funding for projects that protect, preserve, and enhance the unique and diverse Noosa Biosphere Reserve, working towards a future where protection inspires healthy and prosperous communities.