Not Yet Its Difficult Incorporated

Not Yet Its Difficult Incorporated (NYID) is an celebrated non-profit organisation that champions the rich cultural heritage of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. They are passionate about recognizing and respecting the Indigenous history of the lands they inhabit, work on, and learn from. Through their distinctive works, spanning diverse mediums and themes, NYID showcases their commitment to fostering a deep understanding of the people, history, and stories that shape Australia's identity. Embarking on a career with NYID means joining a team of dedicated professionals who are driven by their desire to create innovative, thought-provoking art installations, performances, and exhibitions. By working for NYID, you not only contribute to preserving the rich cultural tapestry of Australia, but also help to reshape perceptions and inspire countless individuals both locally and internationally. If you are passionate about arts and culture, want to make a positive impact, and are inspired by the unique history and heritage of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, NYID welcomes you to explore opportunities to work together on their transformative projects. Be a part of the NYID family and help share the powerful stories that define the heart and soul of Australia's First Nations.