Ocean Future Fund Incorporated

Ocean Future Fund Incorporated is an inspiring organisation dedicated to empowering youth to take action for a healthier ocean and environment. As a leading ocean action and innovation organisation, Ocean Youth focuses on providing practical, educational, and inspiring programs for young people who are passionate about the environment and eager to make a positive change. Through various initiatives such as the Ocean Youth Ambassador program, participants have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and learn how they can help the ocean and influence others to do the same. With a strong emphasis on youth-led, science-based projects, Ocean Youth encourages young people to develop their problem-solving, advocacy, and innovative thinking skills. By working collaboratively with other organisations and individuals, Ocean Future Fund Incorporated aims to create lasting change for the future of the ocean and the planet. Joining this not-for-profit organisation means becoming part of a vibrant community focused on making a tangible difference in the world. If you're passionate about the environment and seeking a fulfilling career in a supportive, values-driven organisation, look no further than Ocean Future Fund Incorporated.