Odyssey House Victoria

Odyssey House Victoria is a values-driven not-for-profit organisation that focuses on helping individuals and their families recover from the challenges associated with alcohol and other drug problems. By joining the organisation, you'll be part of a dedicated team that respects and supports the diverse backgrounds of their clients, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as well as those from culturally diverse backgrounds, and LGBTQ+ communities. Working at Odyssey House Victoria means that you will improve the lives of people requiring long-term treatment while upholding the values of respect, concern, honesty, trust, and love. You'll be helping deliver various services, such as residential rehabilitation, parenting and family support, youth outreach, and education and training programs. By working with Odyssey House Victoria, you'll have a meaningful opportunity to make a significant positive impact on those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction and see how your work contributes to their recovery and well-being.