Older Men Unlimited Hervey Bay Inc

Older Men Unlimited Hervey Bay Inc (OMU) is a values-driven organisation committed to reducing the social isolation of senior men in Hervey Bay and Maryborough, Queensland. With a focus on fun, friendship, and fellowship, OMU provides a nurturing environment for older men to come together to share hobbies, develop new skills, and create connections with one another. Born from a community development initiative, OMU has blossomed into a vibrant hub of positivity and camaraderie, offering a range of engaging activities such as walking groups, art classes, morning teas, nursing home visits, and fishing trips. Members are afforded the opportunity to forge lasting friendships that contribute to overall well-being while simultaneously combating the risk of depression, dementia, and suicide. By fostering an inclusive community grounded in compassion and empathy, OMU empowers senior men to challenge societal constructs surrounding aging and embrace life with renewed vitality. Working for this organisation enables an individual to play an instrumental role in sparking joy and fostering connections within the lives of older men. Join the OMU team and contribute to a brighter, more unified tomorrow for senior men in Hervey Bay and Maryborough.