Open Eyes Global Inc

Open Eyes Global Inc is a compassionate, forward-thinking non-profit organisation (NFP) devoted to alleviating the burden of cancer on individuals and families in Nepal. Driven by the value of respect and care for others, this NFP focuses on supporting children with retinoblastoma who require an eye prosthesis for recovery and normalization of their lives. In partnership with the Nepal Cancer Relief Society, Open Eyes Global works tirelessly to provide prosthetic eyes free of charge, allowing children to overcome facial disfigurement, social stigma, and isolation. As an organisation, Open Eyes Global embodies the principles of empathy, resilience, and hope for the communities they serve. Working at Open Eyes Global means joining a dedicated team that prioritises unity and collaboration, with members from various cultural backgrounds focused on contributing positively to the lives of others. Become a part of the Open Eyes Global family, where your skills, passion, and drive will be applied to transforming the lives of children in need. Experience firsthand the gratification that comes from making a lasting impact on these individuals, their families, and the future of their communities. Choose a career that truly makes a difference at Open Eyes Global Inc.