Operation Restore Hope Australia Limited

Operation Restore Hope Australia Limited (ORH) is a compassionate and dedicated non-profit organisation striving to transform the lives of underprivileged children in the Philippines affected by birth defects and deformities, primarily focusing on cleft lip and palate. With a genuine commitment to making a difference, ORH believes that every child deserves a chance to communicate and fulfill their potential, regardless of their circumstances. By offering life-changing surgeries and providing essential medical supplies and equipment, ORH not only helps children overcome physical challenges but also paves the way for their normal socialization, and aids in their overall growth and development. As a warm and caring organisation, ORH continually works towards creating a better future for these children and their families, by instilling hope and restoring their smiles. If you're seeking a rewarding opportunity to give back, contribute to a meaningful cause, and touch the lives of those in need, consider joining the Operation Restore Hope team. By working together, we can achieve the extraordinary and make a lasting impact on countless lives.