Organic Trust Australia - Research and Education

Organic Trust Australia - Research and Education (OTARE) is a visionary and respected non-profit organisation committed to fostering a sustainable future through organic agriculture. With a strong focus on research, education, and community engagement, OTARE aims to empower individuals to make informed choices, promoting organic farming practices to ensure a healthier planet for generations to come. As a registered charity, OTARE serves as a driving force in advancing organic agriculture in Australia, managing funds received from private and public sources. Their unwavering dedication to advocating for environmentally friendly farming practices not only helps to encourage sustainable land use but also contributes to soil preservation, water conservation, and enhanced biodiversity. By supporting projects that cater to consumers, producers, traders, and educators, OTARE demonstrates its passion for championing organic agriculture as part of the solution to global environmental challenges. With a strong emphasis on collaboration, the organisation actively encourages individuals to get involved, offering opportunities to invest in projects, volunteer, and make bequests. With its mission to pioneer positive change, Organic Trust Australia provides a thriving and enriching environment for those who share their values and are passionate about making a difference. Join the OTARE team to embark on a fulfilling journey, contributing to the creation of a greener, healthier, and more sustainable world.