Orthopaedic Research Institute Of Queensland Limited

At the Orthopaedic Research Institute of Queensland Limited (ORIQL), innovation and the pursuit of enhanced treatments in orthopaedic surgery and musculoskeletal medicine are always at the forefront. As a non-profit registered charity, ORIQL is dedicated to conducting clinical and scientific research to significantly improve the lives of people with musculoskeletal conditions. Partnering with prestigious institutions such as James Cook University, The Townsville Hospital, and the Mater Hospital Pimlico, ORIQL is truly collaborative in its approach to developing and executing research programs. Not only does ORIQL offer invaluable opportunities for pre-vocational orthopaedic trainees to conduct clinical research, but the organisation also provides arthroplasty and sports medicine fellowships. For anyone passionate about orthopaedics, working at ORIQL is an exceptional opportunity to be part of a compassionate and ambitious team making a real difference in patients' lives while continually advancing the field of orthopaedics. Join ORIQL and be a part of a vibrant community that values collaboration, innovation, and improving patient outcomes. Don't miss your chance to make a lasting impact in orthopaedic surgery and musculoskeletal medicine.