Outer Urban Projects Limited

Outer Urban Projects Limited is a creative non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering emerging artists from the diverse backgrounds of Melbourne's northern suburbs. They are an inclusive space, valuing cultural and artistic expression from communities that span five continents. By joining this organisation, you will be part of a team committed to fostering creativity, resilience, and self-expression in the pursuit of respect, love, intimacy, and emotional security. You will work with passionate individuals who are dedicated to uplifting the voices of the often marginalized and underrepresented, supporting the creation and showcasing of works that challenge conventional narratives and explore the complexities of modern life. Outer Urban Projects is an advocate for community empowerment and is constantly pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. They collaborate with diverse young artists and creatives, reclaiming public spaces in the aftermath of COVID-19 restrictions to spark a sense of hope, healing, and renewal. By joining Outer Urban Projects Limited, you will be part of a movement that celebrates diversity, creativity, and the power of storytelling as a means of building connections and fostering understanding among people of all backgrounds. Be inspired to work with an organisation that strives to make a difference, not only in the lives of the artists they support but the greater community they serve.