Ovcare National Cancer Centre

Ovcare National Cancer Centre, a dedicated not-for-profit organisation, strives to provide exceptional care, support, and hope to families impacted by cancer. Established in 1989, this compassionate organisation continually endeavors to fund critical research for advanced cancer treatments and cures, while also offering extensive support services for individuals and families affected by the disease. These services include offering affordable accommodation for patients who must travel for life-saving cancer treatments, and providing essential education support for young people living with cancer. By joining the Ovcare National Cancer Centre team, you will become part of an inspiring community that has been supporting families in their fight against cancer for over three decades. Their uplifting and courageous stories of hope, perseverance, and determination encapsulate the unwavering spirit of this incredible organisation. With each day, the Ovcare National Cancer Centre is making a tangible, meaningful impact, both through innovative research and their crucial support services. Become a part of a well-respected, values-driven organisation that is committed to fighting cancer, saving lives, and supporting those in need - join the Ovcare National Cancer Centre today.