Peter Lehmann Arts and Education Trust

The Peter Lehmann Arts and Education Trust is a key initiative of Foundation Barossa, an organisation committed to nurturing and building community strength through philanthropy. By working closely with a range of supporters, they respond to challenges and opportunities while empowering local organisations and individuals to grow and thrive. With a focus on perpetuity, the funds raised by the Trust are invested to create lasting impact, providing annual support to various community groups. When you join Foundation Barossa, you become part of a dedicated team that endeavours to make a difference in the lives of people in their community. You will get the opportunity to contribute to vital programs like the Peter Lehmann Arts & Education Trust, which plays a significant role in fostering creativity and development in the region. As an employee of this empowering organisation, you will play a key part in addressing pressing issues like homelessness and promoting accessible education opportunities. With your help, Foundation Barossa can continue to cultivate a strong and vibrant community, as together, you touch the lives of those closest to home and closest to your heart. Challenge yourself in a fulfilling role that directly impacts the lives of your neighbors—a career with Foundation Barossa promises to be inspiring, rewarding, and transformative.