Piano Project Incorporated

Piano Project Incorporated is a passionate Melbourne-based charity that uplifts and enriches the lives of young immigrants through the power of music. They believe in the undeniable positive impact of music education, and work tirelessly to make it accessible for all. By partnering with Tempo Rubato, a renowned live classical music venue in Brunswick, they can extend the reach of their mission and nurture budding talents. As part of their vibrant community, you will join a team dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for children embarking on their musical journey. Working together, you will help sponsor piano lessons for children who are new immigrants, guiding them towards a promising future filled with endless possibilities. Piano Project Incorporated thrives on the uplifting spirit of generosity. They encourage donations, offer grants, and provide opportunities for individuals to connect through their love for music. Whether it's exploring their collection of pre-loved sheet music or attending one of their inspiring concerts, you will be part of an organisation that wholeheartedly invests in the power of music education. Become a part of Piano Project Incorporated, where musical dreams are made a reality, and play an instrumental role in shaping the lives of tomorrow's musicians.