Pigeons Projects Ltd

Pigeons Projects Ltd, operating as 100 Story Building, is a social enterprise dedicated to fostering creativity and literacy in children and young people. With a strong focus on workshop programs, online learning, and community engagement, the organisation is committed to opening doors for marginalized students and providing them with the skills, confidence, and sense of belonging they need to succeed in the future. As a values-driven organisation, Pigeons Projects Ltd believes in the power of imagination, and its various programs encourage students to explore their creative side, develop their critical thinking skills, and engage with others who share their passion for writing and artistic expression. Its professional outreach extends to teachers, providing them with innovative resources and strategies to further engage their students and make learning an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Working for Pigeons Projects Ltd means joining a team that is committed to changing lives, empowering young people, and shaping the future through education and creative expression. If you're passionate about making a difference, Pigeons Projects Ltd offers the perfect opportunity to work in an inspiring, values-driven organisation dedicated to unlocking the potential of the next generation.