Pink Cross Foundation Australia Inc

Pink Cross Foundation Australia (PCFA) is a survivor-led charity organisation committed to supporting and empowering individuals affected by the sex industry and human trafficking. Passionate about promoting respectful relationships, preventing family disintegration and providing alternatives to the adult entertainment industry, PCFA connects with people of all walks of life without discrimination. By joining the dedicated Pink Cross team, you'll play a vital role in offering hope and healing to countless women and men who have experienced sexual slavery or exploitation. At PCFA, you'll work alongside talented and committed volunteers who strive to make a positive impact on individuals recovering from commercial sexual exploitation. PCFA's programs include trauma recovery research, educational events, community involvement and personal stories to inspire resilience and hope. Together, you can help to educate, inform and transform the lives of those affected by the complex challenges in the sex industry. Be part of the change and join Pink Cross Foundation Australia in making a lasting difference today.