Post Polio Support Group Of Sa Inc

Post Polio Support Group of SA Inc is a dedicated non-profit organisation with the main objective of helping people who have been afflicted by poliomyelitis. Run by a committed team of volunteers, they work with passion and professionalism to educate, advocate, and achieve recognition for polio survivors. One way they offer practical help to those affected is through hydrotherapy and massage services. Polio SA strives to provide polio survivors with the best quality of life possible, regularly hosting expert speakers who share information on managing the effects of Post Polio Syndrome, treatment updates, and other useful insights. Their strong support network and accessible website help survivors by providing vital information on services and resources. By joining Polio SA for just $20 per year, polio survivors receive local information, newsletter updates, and more. Additionally, the organisation works tirelessly to provide support for South Australians dealing with the late effects of polio through massage vouchers, hydrotherapy sessions, and information and support resources. Become a part of this compassionate and values-driven organisation, and help make a difference in the lives of those affected by polio.