Print Radio Tasmania Inc

Print Radio Tasmania Inc is a remarkable not-for-profit organisation that believes in the power of turning print into sound. Driven by a passionate team of over 90 dedicated volunteers, this community-focused radio station broadcasts an array of news, interviews, weather updates, book readings, and more, 24/7 to Hobart, Devonport, and Launceston. Print Radio Tasmania embraces diversity and takes pride in catering to listeners with visual impairments, limited literacy skills or those simply seeking a reliable source of information and entertainment. With a strong commitment to staying on air through thick and thin, the station has adopted rigorous COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure the wellbeing of its staff and volunteers. By joining an enthusiastic and skilled team, you'll have the chance to make a genuine difference in local communities, connecting people through a shared love of radio. Whether it's presenting an engaging program, supporting technical operations, or contributing ideas for new content, you'll be welcomed with open arms and given the opportunity to help shape this vibrant and essential service. Become a part of Print Radio Tasmania's mission and contribute to a brighter future filled with the magic of sound.