Pushing Barriers Inc

Pushing Barriers Inc is a compassionate and driven not-for-profit organisation committed to empowering refugee youth in South East Queensland, Australia, through the power of sport. Recognizing the immense potential of sports as a transformative tool, Pushing Barriers strives to create inclusive, connected and healthy communities for refugee youth aged 12-18 who have arrived in Australia on a humanitarian visa. Through partnerships, scholarships, and volunteer-driven programs, the organisation provides financial relief, transportation, liaison and advocacy services to help these incredible young people excel in community sports. When you join the passionate team at Pushing Barriers, you become part of a collaborative and dedicated network of volunteers, influencers and business partners, all working together to create a positive change in young lives. Through sport, you will help bridge the gap, fostering connections and belonging for these inspirational youth. At Pushing Barriers, you will truly make a difference by offering a supportive environment that encourages the personal and athletic growth of underprivileged and talented individuals, rewriting their stories into ones filled with opportunity, success and hope. So, come on board and be a part of this heartwarming journey, empowering young lives and strengthening communities through the beautiful world of sports.