At Questioning Christianity Ltd, they believe that every great journey begins with a question. They have dedicated themselves to helping individuals connect the Christian story to life's deepest questions, inspiring growth, understanding, and ultimately, a stronger connection to their faith. By working at this esteemed not-for-profit organisation, you'll be contributing to a diverse and supportive community that fosters meaningful conversations around life purpose, social issues, proof of Jesus, and the existence of God. Founded by the passionate and experienced Dan Paterson, who has studied theology and apologetics in Australia and at Oxford, you can be confident that you are joining an organisation led by a knowledgeable and devoted leader. As an employee, you will contribute to their mission of providing accessible and compelling resources to those exploring their faith, and be part of organising events where people can come together and engage in thought-provoking discussions. Questioning Christianity Ltd values authenticity, openness, and intellectual honesty, empowering individuals to pursue their questions wholeheartedly. Get ready to be inspired and to inspire others by working at this incredible NFP organisation that not only serves as a guiding light for seekers but also an essential contributor to the global conversation on Christianity. Join them in their mission to nourish curiosity, deepen understanding, and strengthen faith across the world.