QZC Limited

Discover a meaningful opportunity to contribute to the world of Zen at QZC Limited, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the practice of awakening. The Queensland Zen Centre (QZC) was founded in 1989 by the late Zen Master Seung Sahn and is based in Ipswich, offering practitioners the chance to experience enlightenment and inner peace under the guidance of Zen Master Senshin. QZC's various practices, including meditation, walking, chanting, and kong-an study, provide an environment where both new and experienced practitioners are welcome to deepen their understanding of Zen. As a non-profit religious organisation, QZC relies on the generosity of its members and friends for support, making your contribution invaluable in sustaining their important work. By joining the QZC team, you will not only be making a difference in the lives of others but also enriching your own by being part of a caring, compassionate, and motivated community that shares the same values and goals. Don't miss the chance to be part of this inspiring organisation, where every step toward a more balanced and conscious way of living contributes to the great light of the world. Embrace the opportunity to grow, learn, and transform at QZC Limited – for your own inner peace and the well-being of all.