Queenscliffe Maritime Museum Inc

Welcome to Queenscliffe Maritime Museum Inc, an organisation that proudly preserves and celebrates the rich maritime history of Queenscliff, Southern Port Phillip, and Bass Strait. Established in 1986, this NFP organisation takes you on a journey through time, exploring fascinating tales of shipwrecks, lifeboats, fishermen, rescues, lighthouses, shipping, and boating. Working with them, you contribute to safeguarding the captivating maritime heritage of this region for generations to come. At the heart of the museum lies the Queenscliffe lifeboat, which served for 50 years before retirement. Alongside this remarkable vessel, you can explore numerous rare artifacts and displays that showcase the vibrant history of the lifeboat service since the early 19th century. The museum's maritime collection extends beyond its walls, with outdoor displays and historic buildings housing an array of engaging exhibitions. By joining the dedicated team at Queenscliffe Maritime Museum, you will help bring history to life and share the stories of the brave individuals who shaped this maritime town. Be a part of their mission and help others appreciate the exciting past that lies beneath the surface. So come onboard and make a lasting impact on the preservation and celebration of Queenscliff's maritime past.