Queensland Indigenous Languages Advisory Committee Incorporated

Are you passionate about preserving the vibrant and diverse languages spoken by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people? If so, the Queensland Indigenous Languages Advisory Committee (QILAC) is the perfect place for you to make a real impact. Founded in 2005 by dedicated language centre representatives and language workers, QILAC has been a powerful advocate for Queensland's rich linguistic heritage. The organisation is fully committed to bringing together individuals and communities to ensure the continued growth and preservation of Queensland's first languages. When you join the QILAC team, you'll become part of a supportive, values-driven community that is truly making a difference. With a range of exciting projects in progress, such as the Queensland Indigenous Languages Policy and the First Languages in Queensland Schools initiative, you'll have ample opportunities to challenge yourself, expand your skills and contribute to the revitalization of these crucial linguistic resources. So come be a part of QILAC, and help give voice to Queensland's first languages.