Queensland Performing Arts Trust

Queensland Performing Arts Trust (QPAT) is a leading non-profit organisation dedicated to fostering an immersive and engaging cultural experience in the performing arts. With its diverse range of performances, QPAT caters to all audiences by offering a mix of free and paid content, featuring everything from musicals and comedy acts to live dance and opera. At QPAT, the focus is on creating lifelong memories and lasting connections within an inclusive environment. As a team member of QPAT, you will work alongside colleagues who are passionate about the performing arts and dedicated to enriching the lives of Queensland residents and beyond. With a variety of events hosted year-round, there is never a dull moment at QPAT, providing ample opportunity for professional growth and development in a stimulating and supportive work environment. If you are looking for a rewarding career that connects you with like-minded individuals celebrating the power and beauty of the performing arts, then QPAT is the perfect organisation for you. Become part of a team that is passionate about culture, the arts, and creating memorable experiences that inspire and unite communities. Experience the satisfaction of contributing to Queensland's thriving performing arts scene by joining QPAT today.