Regional Art Vault Ltd (RAV) is a thriving non-profit organisation that is dedicated to enriching lives and fostering community spirit through the promotion of art and culture in regional New South Wales. With a strong emphasis on advancing education and fostering creative expression, RAV seeks to inspire and empower individuals while simultaneously implementing innovative solutions to overcome the challenges faced by the artistic community in regional areas. Working for RAV offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of the cultural scene in regional NSW while nourishing a deep sense of purpose, as you support the organisation in its vision of transforming lives through the power of art. Every member of the RAV team is passionate about leveraging creativity as a catalyst for positive change, collaborating to create a better and more inclusive society. By joining the RAV family, you will have the chance to actively participate in not only strengthening the artistic community in regional areas but also supporting countless individuals in discovering their innate talents, broadening their horizons, and realizing their dreams. Let your passion for art and education ignite an unparalleled sense of fulfillment as you embark on a journey to change lives and cultivate a more vibrant and interconnected regional NSW.