Rabbinical Council of Victoria Inc

At Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV) Inc, they believe in inspiring and guiding the Jewish community with a spirit of camaraderie, unity and lifelong learning. As a passionate and proactive organisation, RCV is dedicated to providing spiritual leadership and fostering positive relationships among the members of the Jewish community, as well as strengthening connections with other cultural and religious groups. RCV's mission encompasses the core values of respect, inclusivity and a commitment to the growth of the Victorian Rabbinate. By joining the RCV team, you have the opportunity to work alongside rabbis and community leaders who share a deep love for their faith, their people, and the pursuit of peace and understanding among all individuals. As a part of the RCV family, you'll be participating in groundbreaking programs and initiatives that aim to make the Torah great, strengthen it, and tackle the challenges faced by today's Rabbinate with vision and purpose. Embark on a rewarding journey with the Rabbinical Council of Victoria Inc today, and play an influential role in shaping a brighter future for the Jewish community and the world at large.