Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation Ltd

Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation Ltd (RHRF) is a renowned non-profit organisation committed to enhancing healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes throughout Australia. Established in 2015, RHRF has been driven by a passion for providing better patient outcomes, investigating illnesses and diseases, and promoting learning and development for healthcare professionals. With an extensive grants program supported by the Paul Ramsay Foundation, RHRF aims to create a meaningful difference, particularly for those living with disadvantage, by addressing social, environmental, and societal factors behind past health inequities. Led by a dedicated Board of Directors and a diligent management team, RHRF has consistently made an impact in Australia's health and medical research sector. Through their work, they strive to ensure that every Australian has an equal opportunity to live a healthy life by funding high-quality and innovative research projects. By joining the RHRF team, you will play a vital role in improving healthcare for all Australians, regardless of how or where they access care. Be inspired to make a difference in people's lives and contribute to a brighter, healthier future for all Australians through a career with Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation Ltd.