Ratanak International (Australia) Limited

Ratanak International (Australia) Limited is a compassionate and driven not-for-profit organisation that strives for hope, freedom, and dignity for Cambodian trafficking survivors. Born out of the need to rebuild after the devastation left by the Khmer Rouge regime, Ratanak works hand-in-hand with Cambodians to restore the lives of those robbed of freedom and protect the vulnerable in the community. The organisation's mission is to walk alongside victims on their journey from exploitation to freedom, reflecting the love and empathy that Jesus Christ has shown to all people. By taking part in Ratanak's work, you can help restore hope and dignity to thousands of lives shattered by exploitation and trafficking, while supporting programs that actively prevent abuse and protect the vulnerable. This inspiring organisation believes in the power of change and has witnessed the incredible transformation, redemption, and healing of many Cambodians who have overcome the horrors of trafficking. As a member of the Ratanak team, you will be contributing to a brighter future for a nation that has shown resilience in the face of adversity, with the opportunity to make a significant and life-changing impact on countless individuals.