Red Dust Role Models Limited

Red Dust Role Models Limited is a highly respected, values-driven nonprofit organisation committed to enriching lives, improving health, and strengthening the future of Indigenous youth and families. Their innovative health, well-being, and reconciliation programs, which are co-designed in partnership with remote communities, encourage Indigenous individuals to adopt healthier lifestyle choices through the guidance and positive influence of role models. By joining the amazing team at Red Dust, you'll become part of a passionate network of people dedicated to fostering lasting, positive change in the lives of countless Indigenous young people and their families. Red Dust's mission encompasses various aspects of life, from cultural education to music videos, all aimed at inspiring and uplifting the Indigenous community. Red Dust partners with several leading organisations, including Johnson & Johnson, Medibank, and the AFL Players Association, among others, amplifying their impact and reach. By working for Red Dust, you'll have a unique opportunity to contribute to the greater good, creating a lasting, positive impact on the lives of Indigenous youth and families. Get involved with Red Dust Role Models Limited and help enrich lives, improve health, and strengthen the future of Indigenous communities. Together, we can make a real difference. Join Red Dust and inspire lives today!