Refrigerant Reclaim Australia Trust

Refrigerant Reclaim Australia Trust (RRA) is a pioneering non-profit organisation dedicated to creating a sustainable, eco-friendly future. With a focus on recovering, recycling, and reusing refrigerant, RRA plays an essential role in combating the challenges of ozone depletion and global heating. Collaborating with the leading industry partners, CSIRO and Worldskills, this organisation passionately pursues innovative solutions and advancements in environmental conservation. At its core, RRA values integrity, community responsibility, and technical excellence, fostering a culture of collaboration and growth. As a team member, you'll join a group of motivated professionals committed to making a tangible difference to our world. You'll have the opportunity to work closely with ARCTick licensed technicians, ensuring safe and legal gas recovery methods are employed across the industry. RRA's commitment to protecting the environment and the future isn't just an ambitious idea; it's an integral part of the organisation's DNA. If you're a passionate and driven individual looking for an opportunity to contribute to a brighter tomorrow, join the Refrigerant Reclaim Australia Trust team and be a part of the solution. Together, we can reclaim our planet's future, one refrigerant at a time.