Regional Regeneration Alliance Ltd

Welcome to the Regional Regeneration Alliance Ltd (RRA), a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to transforming regional communities across Western Australia. RRA's mission is to develop sustainable land, economic, and community regeneration projects that build capacity and capability within the communities they serve. With a strong focus on attracting and retaining people in the region, RRA creates thriving and sustainable communities in collaboration with local partners and stakeholders. RRA embraces the Commonland's 4 Returns framework, highlighting their commitment to delivering social, economic, natural, and inspirational values throughout their projects. By working alongside other passionate organisations, the Regional Regeneration Alliance is making tangible, positive changes to the lives of those living in regional Western Australia. As an employee of RRA, you would have the opportunity to contribute to this meaningful work and be part of building flourishing, resilient communities. Your commitment and expertise will help transform regional WA, leaving a lasting positive impact on the environment, economy, and people. If you are passionate about sustainability and community-building, working with the Regional Regeneration Alliance will provide a fulfilling and rewarding career, where your efforts can truly make a difference.