Rex Theatre Museum Ltd

Rex Theatre Museum Ltd is an iconic community-owned Art Deco cinema and live performance space nestled in the charming town of Charlton, Victoria. Established in 1938, this non-profit gem is dedicated to the golden era of cinema and its ongoing significance in our lives. Not only is Rex Theatre a mesmerizing piece of architectural beauty, but it is also a vibrant example of cultural diversity and community passion. Run entirely by enthusiastic volunteers, the Rex Theatre offers a unique setting for movie-goers and performing arts enthusiasts from the northwestern region of Victoria. As a working theatre museum, it brings together the glory of the past and the comfort of the present, creating a memorable experience for each visitor. By joining the Rex Theatre team, you will be part of a dedicated and supportive community that fosters creativity and cultural enrichment. Your efforts will contribute to the preservation of a historical treasure and the promotion of arts within the region. Be inspired by the nostalgic ambiance of this beloved establishment, and take pride in being part of its ongoing legacy.