Ridley College

Ridley College is an esteemed non-profit organisation dedicated to providing world-class theological education to men and women. Established in 1910, the institution has created an inspiring learning environment that fosters spiritual and intellectual growth. Ridley College welcomes believers from all denominations, embracing a rich theological heritage and a vibrant community that cherishes diverse perspectives. At Ridley College, individuals can pursue a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses that prepare them for the service of God in the church and the world. In addition to rigorous academic programs, the institution nurtures spiritual formation through guided programs, vocational mentoring groups, and global mission involvement. The College also hosts centres of excellence, including the Jonathan Edwards Center and the Centre for Children's and Youth Ministry. Working at Ridley College means being part of a passionate team that equips others to further God's mission in today's rapidly changing and complex world. Join Ridley College and contribute to the nurturing of a new generation of passionate, informed, and skilled leaders who will go on to make a significant impact on their communities and beyond.