Roads to Rehab - Nepal

Introducing Roads to Rehab Nepal, an extraordinary non-profit organisation dedicated to providing healthcare access to those who need it most. By partnering with the equally passionate Medical Rehabilitation Organisation (MeRO) in Nepal, this organisation tirelessly works to offer medical and surgical intervention, nursing care, and rehabilitation services for people with life-changing illnesses or injuries, who would otherwise be incapacitated by poverty. In a country where healthcare access is a constant challenge, Roads to Rehab Nepal seeks to improve health outcomes and transform lives with a medical Shelter in Kathmandu employing dedicated nurses and physiotherapists. With funds raised through generous donors, patients are given a second chance at life by covering their surgery costs, medical and hospital expenses, and necessary medications. By choosing to work for Roads to Rehab Nepal, you make an immense impact on the lives of countless individuals and their families in Nepal. Through collaboration and commitment, the journey down the long road to rehabilitation becomes brighter and more hopeful with every step taken. Join Roads to Rehab Nepal today and be a part of this inspiring, life-changing organisation.