Romsey Living Word Inc

Imagine working for an organisation dedicated to not only inspiring spiritual growth but also fostering a supportive community to help individuals harness their full potential in life and in God. Romsey Living Word Inc, known as Encourage Church, is a faith-driven not-for-profit in Romsey, Victoria, that aspires to enrich lives through various group programs, events, and pastoral care. At Encourage Church, all are welcomed and united under the organisation's core values of love, faith, hope, and unity. The philosophy is centred around empowering each other and building a strong, uplifting community that will inspire the next generation. With programs such as Encourage Kids, Encourage Men, Encourage Women, and Encourage Youth, there is an opportunity for everyone to find support, engage in meaningful connections and develop their faith to achieve fulfilment and contentment in life. A career at Romsey Living Word Inc is an opportunity to be part of a close-knit organisation dedicated to spreading spiritual uplift, fostering a nurturing community and transforming lives. If you share their values of love and unity, visit their website ( and consider joining Encourage Church on their mission to build a better future, both in life and in God.