Ryder-Cheshire Mount Gambier Home Foundation Incorporated

Ryder-Cheshire Mount Gambier Home Foundation Incorporated is a compassionate and values-driven non-profit organisation dedicated to providing a 'forever home' for people living with disabilities in the community. With a focus on relieving suffering without discrimination, they have successfully built two warm and welcoming homes, Ryder and Cheshire, each housing five residents. Leased to ParaQuadSA and managed by their service provider HomeCare+, these homes honor the co-founders of the Ryder-Cheshire Foundation. As a caring organisation that continuously grows and evolves, the foundation is currently engaged in discussions for the development of a possible third complex. Ryder-Cheshire Mount Gambier is committed to fostering a positive living environment for their residents, ensuring they always have a place they can truly call home. Working for Ryder-Cheshire Mount Gambier Home Foundation Incorporated means being part of a team that continually strives to make a tangible difference in the lives of people with disabilities. With a 'can-do' attitude that has brought these homes into existence against all the odds, this organisation aims to create a better world for its residents. Joining their team means contributing to a brighter future for some of the most vulnerable members of the community, and making a real impact on countless lives.