Sharks and Rays Australia Research Limited (SARA) is a passionate not-for-profit organisation that aims to achieve long-term conservation goals through sound science, public outreach, and cooperation with local stakeholders. SARA is dedicated to involving the general public in their sawfish and shark research expeditions, sharing knowledge, and empowering communities to take action in conserving these magnificent species. By joining SARA, you'll be part of a team working towards four key conservation goals: increasing public understanding of sawfish, generating and publishing crucial research, receiving recognition and funding from governments and organisations, and driving meaningful change to protect sawfish populations. You'll be collaborating with diverse groups like Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers, Traditional Land Owners, cattle station managers, and recreational and commercial fishers. Founded on the belief that it is the responsibility of everyone to look after the incredible species that share our natural world, SARA offers various opportunities to get involved, such as supporting ongoing research, joining fieldwork expeditions, participating in internships, or contributing to student projects. If you're passionate about marine conservation and research, join Sharks and Rays Australia Research Limited in their tireless efforts to create a positive impact for sawfish and other marine animals.