SRC Legal Service Pty Ltd

Discover a fulfilling career opportunity with SRC Legal Service Pty Ltd, an esteemed non-profit organisation committed to providing exceptional legal support and guidance to students in need. Their dedication to cultivating a supportive and inclusive environment resonates in their work, making them a remarkable organisation within the community. By joining this team of committed professionals, you'll be at the forefront of championing a fair and just society. SRC Legal Service values its employees' diverse skills, ideas, and experiences, creating a collaborative culture that nurtures professional growth and encourages individuals to strive for excellence. Feel inspired to work for an organisation with a clear mission, driven by a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of students seeking assistance. SRC Legal Service's passion for fostering an equitable educational landscape will propel you to exceed expectations and contribute meaningfully to the success of students and the community. Become part of this movement, and experience the rewards of a career with an organisation that truly values your passion, expertise, and commitment to positive change.